Write and test a java application

This is using netbean.

Write and test a Java application in which the main n method class is called SeasonClassification and contains in addition to the main n method static methods with the following headers:

public static boolean isValidDate( int month, int day )
public static String findSeason(int month, int day)

To represent a valid date a pair of integers (month, day) must satisfy

1 <(or)= month  <(or)=12 and 1 <(or) day <(or)=days in month.

Given a pair of integers month and day representing a valid date, findSeason is to
return the corresponding season as speci
ed in the following table:

date season
December 21 – March 20 Winter
March 21 – June 20 Spring
June 21 – September 20 Summer
September 21 – December 20 Autumn

Use a switch statement to implement findSeason.

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