Synthesis of ideas essay for this assignment, is pretty much a


Synthesis of Ideas Essay 

For this assignment,

is pretty much a synthesizing of the learning from classes, ask oneself a question about the “nature” and “humanity,” research and find out the answer. It is fine that at least it is still a unknown question. (2000 words, MLA, college level, original work)

Please Please Please, talk about your idea with me, I will give you some of my idea after you take this question, hope it can help you. ALSO!! please give me your thesis statement and the half way work for me to check.

Before writing, here is my reading list and videos I have in this class in this semester:

The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway

“To Build a Fire” and other short stories by Jack London

Short stories of Ernest Hemingway

“Walking” – Henry David Thoreau

“Nature” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Woodsong – Gary Paulsen


Jon Krakauer – Into the Wild – The Chris McCandless story Video

Many people are living in an unhappy circumstances and yet will not to have change because the concern about life and conformity.

This is your brain on nature video

Biophilia. – The urge to affiliate with other forms of life

*Humans spend 90% of their time indoors

*even images of nature can be beneficial

*the benefits of nature projects and imagery in prisons or anywhere where a dearth of nature exists

Neurobiophilia – the way nature engages the brain

-Humans who are separated from nature could be damaged on some point.

-Patients with windows that can look out have much faster recover speed.

-Collecting old Mosses and had a prison program to help the pressure.

-Nature is needed by everyone.

The Rubric of the paper is down-below, besides paper a simple 3-4 present is also request. Just talk about the paper for me to make sure I can present to the class.

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