Speech 1311 #1 – personal experience speech object and purpose post

These are the Speech Instructions so you know what the entire speech will cover. For now, only the TOPIC is due. See below these instructions for specific TOPIC POST instructions.

In 2-3 minutes, describe an experience or aspect of your life or personality, via an artifact. An artifact is an object that has communicative value. To complete this assignment, you will post your artifact choice, write an outline, deliver the speech extemporaneously in front of a live audience of 5 members for a grade. Complete the lead up assignments below as well as review your textbook and the “How to Write and Deliver Speeches” folder.

Your speech should have an introduction, visibly show your artifact, be ordered logically and include transitions between main points, a conclusion, and a formal outline. You should deliver the speech extemporaneously using only speaking notes. You should not read your speech from your outline to your audience. See page 355 of your text for advice on creating speaking notes. You do not need to do research for this speech or have a works cited.

When recording, make sure you are in a quiet location with good lighting. You should test your equipment and arrange your speech space so that your entire body is in the camera’s view (head to toe) and that your facial expressions can be seen clearly and your voice heard clearly on the recording. You must show your audience at the beginning and end of the speech, without turning off your recording device. Please dress for a formal, college presentation. If your recording does not meet expectations, you may lose points or be asked to do it again, possibly for a late grade. See the video on Recording your Speech and Audience for more help.


 Step 1

Personal Experience Topic Post

Click on this link to submit your personal experience topic post.   Please remember that you need to choose a physical object that represents something significant in your life.    

 Step 2 

Nervous about giving a speech? Try Power Posing!

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.

Step 3


Choosing Your Topics

For ideas or help choosing your topics, watch this tutorial. To make the video larger, click full screen [ ] when the video pops up. 


 Step 4

Writing an Outline

For help with understanding the differences between an essay and an outline, and what’s expected of you for your upcoming speech, watch this tutorial after your topic is approved. Then read the instructions below to download and use the outline template. You will need to watch the other tutorials in “Speech Tutorials” for help with writing the Introduction, Transitions, and Conclusion. To make the video larger, click the [] full screen button at the bottom of the video.


Step 5


Personal Experience Outline Template

After your artifact/topic is approved, begin writing your outline using the Personal Experience Outline Template attached here. Review the information in “Speech Tutorials” for assistance with the Introduction, Transitions, Body Point formatting, and Conclusion. This is a FORMAL outline, so you should have complete sentences throughout the outline. You will not have a Bibliography or Works Cited for this speech.Download this template and fill out the spaces for your outline. You do not have to stick exactly to the numbers and letters provided. It’s just set up so that you don’t have to start an outline from scratch. You are REQUIRED to use this and will submit it with your speech for a grade.  DELETE WORDS LIKE “SUPPORTING DETAIL” OR “POINT 1” AND REPLACE THEM WITH COMPLETE SENTENCES.You may use note cards or a key word outline, but you cannot use your formal outline to read from during your speech.  

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