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 There are many ways to treat sexual disorders depending on the specific issue. A therapist can interview a patient to see if there is an underlying problem they can get to (Comer et al., 2021). They do this by going over their history to pinpoint a time when the problem began which could be helpful. It is more helpful if both partners go to therapy and work together on it. Some people may need to assistance with the body’s physiology and learn different techniques to help them (Comer et al., 2021). Others may have had an emotional experience attached to the problem. Some may have acquired blocking thoughts from trauma or feelings coming from their cultural upbringing (Comer et al., 2021). Cognitive therapy may suggest the patient using mindfulness techniques to focus on possible awareness of the problem (Comer et al., 2021). Other exercises may consist of a couple engaging in exploring each other without having sex then slowly building up to it when comfortable (Comer et al., 2021). Communication between the couple expressing what they like in a comfortable trusting manner. Couples can work on their relationship in general to change stressors and address any medical issues they need to (Comer et al., 2021).  

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