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This week, you begin reading our course textbook – The Greatest You by Trent Shelton.   The author also has a podcast!  As you are introduced to the author and his book this week, I’d like to also listen to one of his podcasts.  For this assignment, please listen to Trent Shelton’s Podcast titled How To Get The Most Out Of 2022 || EP:97  : Links to an external site.  (23 minutes)  (Podcast will load at the bottom of the page – no need to scroll through the list of podcasts)

The podcast can also be found here: Links to an external site.  or on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify.  If you access it on one of these platforms, make sure to scroll through and find the episode titled How To Get The Most Out Of 2022 || EP:97

Once you have listened to the Podcast, please answer the following questions in a Reflection (1 1/2-2 pages) and submit the Reflection.  For full credit, your Reflection should be written in paragraph form (no bullet points, except #2) and be one and half to two pages in length.

I realize 2021 has long past, but this podcast is still relevant.  Instead of looking back to 2021, reflect upon the beginning of 2023

  1. Did you enjoy this year (2023) so far?  If yes –  why?  If no – why?
  2. What things fulfill you?  Name 5-10 things (feel free to bullet point this answer only)
  3. Looking back at 2022 so far, estimate how much time you spent living/doing those things last year.  Be SPECIFIC!!
  4. What things did you spend your time doing last year?
  5. Trent suggests having a theme for the year.  What is your theme for 2023?
  6. What are your AMs (Automatic Minutes)?
  7. What are your PMs (Purposeful Minutes)?
  8. Trent states, “When situations can’t change, we must change a) how we view situations, b) who we are in situations, or c) our perspective toward situations”.  What do you think of this statement?  Do you agree or disagree and why? (Be SPECIFIC)
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