Please read the scrum primer and


Please read the Scrum Primer and analyze the Scrum process 

Write a paper 1. Comparing the RUP SCLC we discussed in class to the Scrum SDLC process 2. Identify in the Scrum SDLC Process a. What activities and tasks you would implement in the process to ensure that you are mitigating risk, and software security is “built in” though out the process. Please briefly describe the salient point of those activates and tasks. b. At what steps in the Scrum process would you implement the activities and tasks you have recommended § Please be brief and concise as possible, I suggest that the paper could be as brief as two (2) to three (3) page. Feel free write more than several pages if you need to, to ensure that you have adequately describe you software risk mitigation assurance activities and tasks. § Please follow the APA Template format.

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