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Business and management homework help on Leadership and Management for Business: Read Section 12.2-12.5 of the textbook to understand the major development in leadership theories and models. Do more research if you want! 2.Feel free to watch Drew Dudley’s Everyday Leadership, linked in your materials, before working on the questions. 3.Read and reflect on the four discussion questions listed below. Then, select three questions to answer, and post to the discussion board:

a.Think of a leader you admire. What traits does this person have? Are they consistent with the traits discussed in this chapter? If not, why is this person effective despite the presence of different traits?
b.Examine your own leadership style. Which behaviors are you more likely to demonstrate?

c.Do you believe that leaders can vary their style to demonstrate directive-, supportive-, achievement-, and participative-oriented styles with respect to different employees? Or does each leader tend to have a personal style that he or she regularly uses toward all employees?
d.What are the characteristics of transformational leaders? Are transformational leaders more effective than transactional leaders?

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