In this homework, you’ll write a program

In this homework, you’ll write a program that draws a simplified bar chart, that is, a diagram that visually includes bars of greater length for greater input numbers. It will first ask the user how many data points there will be, and then will read the data; and for each data point will print a row that contains that many @ signs, according to a specific format (see below).Includes header comment and prints something relevant
Prompts user for number of bars, and stores it in a variable
Loops the correct number of times
Reads a number each time through the loop and prints @s
Follows the format specified below for all input/output.The initial prompt for the user should be “How many lines?”, and then the program should print the instruction to “Type that many numbers.” and then for each number it prints a line with a vertical bar (shift-backslash) followed by the correct number of @s. For instance, the following is what it should look like if the user wants a 3-bar chart, with the bars representing the numbers 5, 2, and 11 respectively (except the parts that come from user input are shown here in bold, italic, and green, to make it clearer what’s going on—the bold/italic/green won’t show up in your codeboard screen):How many lines? 3Type that many numbers.5| @@@@@2| @@11| @@@@@@@@@@@In addition to receiving points for getting the format exactly right, if you follow the format exactly, codeboard will be able to test your code for correctness long before I have a chance to grade it.Note: in case it’s not clear, this assignment only requires Python stuff we’ve done in class. The “bar charts” here are purely text—no extra graphics needed.Rubric

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