Hw-1730 marketing plan of microsoft surface — part


Executive Summary

Microsoft has been a leading software company for decades. Company also has presence in other businesses including gaming console and handheld devices. Though a late entrant, Microsoft is aggressive in Smartphone and Tablet market. The aim of this report is to assess Microsoft’s tablet business and present a concrete marketing plan for success of Microsoft Surface tablets.

After introduction of iPad by Apple, several companies launched tablets. Tablet market has grown exponentially over past five years.  While iPad runs on iOS, majority of tablets run on Google’s Android. Microsoft launched its own Microsoft Surface series tablets that run on Windows. The Surface tablets target the professionals who are on the go, and students who prefer a portable touch screen handheld device that can be a substitute of notebook. Microsoft offers them a tablet at affordable price which can also be used as notebook. There are mainly two classes of Surface tablets – Surface 3 and the Surface Pro 3. Surface 3 has an Intel Atom processor while Surface Pro 3 has three variants who use Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Both tablets have best features in its class. The top model of Surface tablet has 8 GB RAM, 265 GM internal memory, USB 3.0, Mini Display port, HDMI mort, MicroSD card reader, 5.0 MP front camera, 5.0 MP rear camera, and Microsoft Office 365. In terms of features, Microsoft offers best features at affordable price. 

Microsoft Surface faces competition from established brands such as Appe’s iPad, Lenevo Yoga, Samsung Galaxy series and many small players who sell Android based tablets. Microsoft offers a Windows based tablet having industry best features, a unique feature that tablet can be used as notebook also. In spite of offering a great product, Microsoft command small market share in tablet market, mainly due to poor marketing. This report recommends aggressive marketing strategy for Surface tablets. 

Microsoft will strengthen its distribution network and make sure that product is available at all leading stores. Company will also put effort to maximize online sales of Surface. There is huge market for tablets in emerging markets. Microsoft will give special attention to large markets such as China and India. Company plans to enter 17 new markets throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. Next step is to build consumer trust. Through aggressive online and offline campaigning Microsoft will create awareness about its product. The marketing campaign will focus on product features and affordable price. Presently Microsoft Windows lags behind Android in availability of Apps. Less number of apps is one reason why consumers prefer an Android based phone. The marketing plan of Microsoft Surface will give stress on increasing number of apps and maintaining high quality of apps. 

This report describes in detail each step of marketing plan of Microsoft Surface tablets. 

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