Homework 1 / python | Computer Science homework help



Describe the difference between objects and values using the terms “equivalent” and “identical”. Illustrate the difference using your own examples with Python lists and the “is” operator.  

Describe the relationship between objects, references, and aliasing. Again, create your own examples with Python lists.

Finally, create your own example of a function that modifies a list passed in as an argument. Describe what your function does in terms of arguments, parameters, objects, and references

Create your own unique examples for this assignment. Do not copy them from the textbook or any other source.

Part 2

Write a Python program that does the following. 

· Create a string that is a long series of words separated by spaces. The string is your own creative choice. It can be names, favorite foods, animals, anything. Just make it up yourself. Do not copy the string from another source. 

· Turn the string into a list of words using split

· Delete three words from the list, but delete each one using a different kind of Python operation. 

· Sort the list. 

· Add new words to the list (three or more) using three different kinds of Python operation. 

· Turn the list of words back into a single string using join

· Print the string. 

 Part 3

Provide your own examples of the following using Python lists. Create your own examples. Do not copy them from another source. 

· Nested lists 

· The “*” operator 

· List slices 

· The “+=” operator 

· A list filter 

· A list operation that is legal but does the “wrong” thing, not what the programmer expects 

Provide the Python code and output for your program and all your examples.

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