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Recently, there has been debate on where CAM provides safety approaches in promoting health. Some of these approaches have undergone vigorous evaluation and have been found to be safe and even effective in managing patients with chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes, and HTN. Some of the approaches of CAM include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, and many others. These approaches are used to treat and even manage symptoms of chronic illness, for example cancer. In most cases, cancer patients tend to prefer using CAM approaches because it helps in managing pain and when used alongside standard or traditional medicine, it lessen the side effects of the treatment (Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) 2019). For example, chemotherapy has been known to have severe side effects such as nausea and vomiting and even having difficulty sleeping. These alternative approaches help in reducing the side effects and giving the patient ways to cope during the treatment. CAM therapies include vast arrays of botanical and nutritional products, which most of these have been approved by FDA. Another reason why patients tend to opt for CAM is because most of these supplements do not require prescription to purchase them. This means that it is the decision of the individual or the patient to decide what is best for them.

There have also been growing debate between holistic approach and allopathic care. Both of these are considered to promote healthcare. Holistic approach refers ways to provide support that focuses on the whole individual rather than not just their mental health needs. This means that the support also focuses on the physical and emotional needs of the person as well as social and spiritual wellbeing of the person. These aspects are considered important in the wellbeing of the individual. The aspects in holistic care aim at preventing disease rather than treating the symptoms (Evangelatos & Eliadi, 2019). On the other hand refers to science based or evidence based model. This is focused on more conventional and it is evidence based where it uses doctors and other professional healthcare providers such as nurses to treat symptoms using conventional approaches in medicine. All of these approaches, that is, allopathic and holistic care aim in promoting healthcare. The difference is that, unlike CAM or holistic care, allopathic medicine tends to depend on clinical studies and screening to establish diagnosis by focusing on a person’s symptoms and signs before instilling treatment (Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) 2019). In my opinion, both of these approaches promote healthcare and because of this, I don’t have any conflict if the patient decide to use either of them.


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2. Elena

CAM refers to medical practices that are not considered to be part of standard medical care. People tend to prefer using CAM due to the safety and effectiveness of its practices. There are no proven data that they cure the chronic illness such as cancer but most of the patients tend to prefer it because it helps them cope with the diseases and mostly it helps them through the treatment phases. These practices help them by reducing the symptoms of cancer and even limiting the side effects of the treatment when they are used alongside standard medical practices (Kuo et al., 2018). Some examples of CAM approaches include acupuncture, yoga, massage, drinking green tea, and many others. These practices have also been considered safe because of their nature of using harmless practices to try and help the patients cope with the diseases or limit the severe side effects of the treatment. In addition to this, these approaches are also used to comfort the patients and ease their worries (Kuo et al., 2018). This is based on helping their spiritual and psychological wellbeing thus helping in their healing process. When these approaches are used alongside modern medicine or traditional approach, they have benefits the patients and most likely have higher positive results in terms of promoting health.

Despite the debate surrounding holistic and allopathic medicine, both of these approaches in care tend to promote healthcare. Holistic care focuses mainly on prevention where the practices are to maintain the connectedness of an individual to its environment, which is both internal and external (Evangelatos & Eliadi, 2019). On the other hand, allopathic medicine is an approach where it uses evidence based to promote healthcare, for example, it uses nurses, therapists, and doctors to treat symptoms of a disease such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.

Both of these approaches have their own benefits. Holistic medicine includes the overall health improvement of an individual. It is important to note that the holistic care aims at improving the general health and the healing process of the individual, which includes physical health, and their emotional and spiritual health (Evangelatos & Eliadi, 2019). In holistic care, the practitioners are allowed to work with their patients to develop plans that aim to help health the mind, body, and spirit of the patients. On the other hand, allopathic care have several significant benefits when promoting health. In allopathic care, doctors are able to access latest scientific approaches in technology to make a diagnosis and provide the best alternative treatment of the disease. I have no conflict between allopathic and holistic care because they both are designed to promote healthcare.


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Evangelatos, N., & Eliadi, I. (2019). Are allopathic and holistic medicine incommensurable Complementary Medicine Research, 23(1), 37–42.

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