Euro lit novel questions | English homework help

  • About 100 words for each novel question


In what ways does Voltaire critique or satirize religion in Candide?


Don Quixote

How does Don Quixote’s madness affect other characters’ perceptions of realty? How do they

mold their actions to fit into his distorted reality?


Dorian Gray

Compare Dorian’s relationship with Basil to his relationship with Henry. How does each

relationship affect Dorian and reveal changes in Dorian’s character?


King Lear

Is Lear a sympathetic character? What about Gloucester? How do our impressions of them

change during the course of the play?


Brave New World

If Aldous Huxley were alive today, what do you think he would have to say about his novel’s

relevancy to the modern world? Do you think he would say that we have moved closer to his vision or further away? Why or why not?

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