Ethical vs. unethical behavior | Management homework help

You have heard about ethical behavior during your entire professional life. However, do you think that we are behaving that way all the time? How many times have you thought something like, “Is this ethical?” or “Why does that person behave unethically”? So, let’s go deeper into this. 

For this discussion board, share two situations: one in which the manager’s behavior was considered ethical, and another in which the manager’s behavior was considered unethical. Then, answer the following questions about both situations:

Ethical Situation

  1. Why do you consider the manager’s behavior to be ethical?
  2. What behavior would be unethical for this situation?

Unethical Situation

  1. Why do you consider the manager’s behavior to be unethical?
  2. Why do you think the manager didn’t behave ethically?
  3. What would you do in the same situation to show ethical behavior?

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