Discussion board: right or wrong | CJUS 350 – Criminal Justice Ethics | Liberty University


Please post your answers to the following questions:

  • Can an independent thinker be a team player?
  • Should we admit to doing wrong?
  • What is the difference between a mistake of the mind and a mistake of the heart?

You are the lead investigator in a double homicide case. You develop a suspect, and during your interrogation, you have the opportunity to lie to the suspect concerning the evidence you have against him in this case. The Virginia Court of Appeals upheld lying to a suspect as an ethical practice in Arthur v. Commonwealth 1997. As a Christian, you know it is a sin to lie. Will you lie to the suspect concerning the evidence you have against him in this case in an attempt to illicit a voluntary confession? This interrogation technique is legally accepted; however, is it moral and ethical?

During this class, we have continued to emphasize the importance of strong character driven leadership. Please provide a biblical example of unethical leadership and describe its consequences. Please provide a biblical example of strong ethical leadership and describe its advantages.

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