Criminal justice writing assignment | Criminal homework help

Pick six (6) questions from chapters 1 through 11 that have not been used as weekly discussion questions and answer each question in depth, including resources from the text and outside sources. Save in a Word document. Please make sure you answers are clear and concise, but also respond completely to all parts of the question.

I wrote questions you could choose from to complete the assignment, and the book that used is called corrections in american just in case.

Chapter 1 Questions to choose from:

1. At what point in society’s development does retaliation begin to become criminal law?

3. What was the first punishment imposed by society?

4. What is meant by civil death?

Chapter 2 Questions to choose from:

1. What effect did the Industrial Revolution have on prisons and prison discipline?

4. Why have so many riots occurred in prisons?

5. How were American Prison industries reduced in correctional importance?

Chapter 3 Questions to choose from:

6. What is restorative justice?

7. Explain the impact of drugs on the race/ethnicity of prisoners. 

8. What are some of the changes currently taking place in the clientele of the correctional system?

Chapter 4 Questions to choose from:

11. What rights does an inmate have? What rights does an inmate not have?

12. Explain why the rights of inmates began to be extensively defined in the 1960s.

13. What are appeals, and what options are available to appeal courts when a decision is made?

Chapter 5 Questions to choose from:

2. How do probation officers enforce the conditions ordered by the court?

5. Identify and define five front-end solutions to prison overcrowding. Why do you think that front-end solutions are usually more politically acceptable than backdoor options?

6. What are the national trends in probation?

Chapter 6 Questions to choose from:

1. Explain several ways in which offenders can be diverted from the correctional system.

3 What roles do community residential treatment centers play in corrections? How have these types of programs changed over the years?

5. Describe a boot camp program. Why haven’t boot camps been effective in reducing recidivism?

Chapter 8 Questions to choose from:

9. Should low risk inmates be released from confinement to free assignments to increase controls over STG’?

Chapter 9 Questions to choose from:

5. Describe the roles of the chaplain in prison. 

12. What can be done to prepare inmates for community reintegration? 

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