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Complaint Letter: Rough Draft

For this assignment, you will practice being professional, persuasive, and ethical when writing a complaint letter concerning a product, a person, or a service you paid for.

A degree of creativity will be required when composing this complaint letter, but it must be realistic and must meet the following parameters:

  • It must be written in traditional business letter format (block style)
  • You do not have to use your real mailing address (but you must use your real name)
  • This letter is to some type of general manager…someone who has more authority than a supervisor or local manager.
  • You need to make sure the letter provides details like the type of product. service, or who the person is that you are complaining about.
  • You  must explain what it is that you hope to get from this letter: are you writing for a refund, exchange, or simply to make the company aware of a faulty product, poor customer service, or something more extreme like a dead mouse in the package of chips you purchased.

Everyone will use the same name and mailing address for the person receiving the letter, but you will have to change the name of the company depending on where your letter is going.

Laura Richmond, General Manager


600 Black Mesa

Cedar Crest, New Mexico 87008

I will be looking for professional tone, persuasive writing, and proper format. Remember, your authority and credibility are demonstrated by proper grammar, punctuation, and tone. People will not take you seriously if you cannot spell correctly, or if you cannot articulate your thoughts appropriately. You can be as nice or as angry as you want, but you must be professional.

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