casestudy1 | Operations Management homework help

Part 1

Read all the following:

  • Supply Chain Connections, Removing Mislabeled Drugs from the Supply Chain, p. 128 of the textbook
  • The chapter summary, p. 128 of the textbook
  • Dittenhoefer’s Fine China, p. 137 of the textbook

Answer the following questions: The response should be between 400–600 words.

  • What type of processes and procedures can supply chain managers implement to increase customer satisfaction while ensuring the quality of the product?
  • How can these supply chain managers gain buy-in from the organizational leadership, employees, and stakeholders to focus on quality versus profitability?

The readings are attached as pictures 

Part 2

  1. Read the Abstract/Summary The Ultimate Improvement Cycle (You have to go through the Evans Library and log into this versus going directly to the site)

Answer the following: The response should be between 400–600 words.

  • Consider the statement the author made, “From a management perspective, it is clear that the ability to recognize and deal effectively with variability is perhaps the most critical skill.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
  • Which of the author’s areas of focus impacted your stance? (Provide detailed reasoning to support your stance)

Minimal Requirements for Case Study Responses:

  • Identify the key and underlying issues (This is not a simple listing, but more of an in-depth analysis on how these apply to the concepts and theories you have learned within this course)
  • Develop the key facts to support the issues (This will require some thought with the expectation that you will only list pertinent data)
  • Discuss the solution to the problem and how to implement this to become more effective (This is an analysis of the problem within the Case Study; make efforts to support your solutions with references from the textbook, readings, or other sources)
  • Demonstrate that you understand the topic and data by linking the theories and concepts highlighted in the textbook with your case study response
  • All sources must be cited in APA format

This is attached as the PDF file 

These are also due within 9 hrs 

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