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Argument 1

Every homework assignment is the same.  I state a conclusion and passage where both it and (most of) the premises are stated, and you try to state the premises.  There will often be implicit or implied premises.  It will take some work to find the premises and state them clearly.  Do not be surprised if you need to revise your draft.  How do I know this?  I often have to revise my statement of the argument several times before I articulate it clearly.

Conclusion: The four principles are justified because they achieve the objectives of common morality in the most general way.  Beauchamp, p. 7 (section “The Centrality of the Common Morality”).

A few things.  First, the bulk of the argument is in paragraph two and three of this section.  Second, the movement of the argument is from the more specific standards of action to the four principles (but you can just assume that, it would be an individual argument to move either from each standard to a or some of the four moral principles or vice versa, so you need not do that).  Once you see this and the conclusion, you should see all you need for the argument.  This, of course, makes it sound easy, but it may not be.  Attempt the argument. Write out premises. Remember, an argument is where the conclusion logically follows from the premises, and all the arguments I assign are deductive.

Summary 1:  Summarize Beauchamp’s article

1. Give Beauchamp’s view clearly

2.  Give 2 supporting arguments for Beauchamp’s article

3.  If Beauchamp’s article is been criticize, respond to it.

 This should be about 2 pages long, double spaced.

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