Ashworth semester exam c05 business communication


C05 Business Communication

Question 1

In terms of his career, Ryan’s communication skills:

will neither help him find a job nor help him keep one.

won’t make any difference in his salary potential.

will be perceived as important by his employers, but cannot be translated into savings for his company.

will make him a valuable employee.

Question 2

Which of the following is an example of unsuccessful communication?

Ordering an item online then deciding, after it arrives, that you don’t like it

Asking a friend for advice and then trying to apply it to your problem

Receiving instructions on how to put something together and then assembling the item

Making an urgent request on a colleague’s voicemail and getting no reply for a week

Question 3

Which of the following is most likely to be the desired outcome of a persuasive message for a product?

The recipient will decide to purchase the product.

The recipient will be impressed by the function of the product.

The recipient will throw away their older version of the product.

The recipient will compare the product with other similar ones.

Question 4

Shannon needs to deliver some information quickly to a large group of people. Which of the following would be the best medium for her to use?





Question 5

Audiences easily get lost and bored if they cannot anticipate the twists and turns that a presentation may take. To avoid this, the presenter should:

open the presentation with a genuine question.

establish a rapport with the audience at the beginning of the presentation.

provide a framework for the presentation during the opening of the presentation.

open the presentation with an anecdote.

Question 6

Why are bad-news messages challenging to compose?

They must be lengthy and vague to avoid legal consequences.

They require you to achieve a number of goals that are incompatible at first glance.

They make it impossible to maintain your audience’s goodwill.

They run the risk of alienating your audience.

Question 7

If you perform a search using the phrases “health insurance plans” and “freelance workers,” the search engine will:

give you those sites that include either exact phrase.

give you only those sites that include both phrases.

give you those sites that include any of these five words anywhere on a page.

give you only those sites that include the first phrase and exclude the second.

Question 8

Which of the following is true of a proposal?

It is simple to prepare.

It does not need to provide details on how to implement itself.

It requires you to develop a persuasive appeal.

It should not address costs.

Question 9

Which of the following is an informational report?

A report recommending action based on what was discussed at a meeting

A report summarizing a meeting that happened in the past

A report providing results based on the evaluation of data obtained from a focus group

A report endorsing a particular solution to a problem

Question 10

Which of the following tools is most likely to be used during a presentation if the content to be presented is lengthy and cannot be seen easily in slide form?





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