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Essay Section: Answer the following essays in great detail. Pay special attention to what the question is asking. In other words, make sure your essay is on target.  I’m looking for a detailed analysis. (Your essays should be several paragraphs)


1)    Discuss the history of movie-going from the early 1900s to today.  Make note of the cultural forces (including technology) that shaped this history. 


2)    What is Hollywood?  What is its relationship to our understanding of Classical Cinema? What do we mean by economy in film, what is mis-en-scene, and how do these two terms relate to Hollywood and Classical Cinema?


3)    Explain the relationship between Classical style, Modernism, and Postmodernism.


4)    Explain the culture and issues surrounding the HUAC and Hollywood-10 in America, film trends during the 1960s, the new wave of directors in the 1970s.



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