Aircraft program 5 java solution

“Write an application that simulates a not-so-busy airport, where different kinds of aircrafts, such as helicopters (military and civilian) ,airplanes ( passenger and military), can take off and land.

According to wikipedia, “An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air…”, which means they are all flyable.

These aircrafts have lots of common attributes and behavior; however, they differ in how they:

fly – depending on their top speed, maximum elevation

take off – depending on their takeoff pattern (vertical, gradual horizontal), noise level (military aircrafts make more noise), length of distance required, increase in speed

land – depenidng on their landing pattern, noise level, and length of distance required (same as for take off); as well as decrease in speed

Write classes (both concrete and abstract) to implement the aircraft objects. Be sure to implement all necessary methods.

Write the Flyable interface.

The simulator class simulates (it is similar to a tester) the operation of this airport for one day.
It randomly creates different kinds of aircrafts and allows them to takeoff and land. The airport only handles two different helicopters, one passenger airplane, and one military aircraft every day.

Zip all java files and submit here by the due date NOVEMBER 30.

Compile (5):
Run (15):
Aircraft class (10):
Helicopters, airplane, and Aircraft classes (30):
Comments, name (10)”

So far I have AIRCRAFT as abstract superclass and two subclasses: HELICOPTER and AIRPLANE. Each subclass have 2 subclasses: MilitaryHelicopter and CivilianHelicopter for HELICOPTER ,
MilitaryAirplane and PassengerAirplane for AIRPLANE.
Then FLYABLE as interface and SIMULATOR CLASS.


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