24 inches flattip straight ombre 2c 16c: things to consider


Ivirgo Hair Factory is a store specializing in the sale of hair extensions with various designs and quality assurance, meeting all the needs of consumers.

With our store, you will find a wide range of hair models with great beauty and durability. Many products in our store are trending with very high daily sales.

Among the top-selling products, 24 Inches Flattip Straight Ombre 2c 16c can deliver the length and thickness of hair, the standard of beauty that women have longed for. Please join me in learning more about this product in this article.


Our 24 Inches Flattip Straight Ombre 2c 16c model features straight curls from top to bottom. 

Hair texture is composed of large-diameter fibers with cuticles stacked in the same direction. This uniformity gives the hair a natural shine and a healthy feel.

This Vietnamese hair is an effortless hairstyle to use. It is suitable for most face shapes, whether round, oval, or diamond. With just a slight variation, straight hair will give you the youthful beauty and personality that you have always dreamed of.

Straight-hair models’ most significant advantage is that they are straightforward to care for. This hairstyle will also save you time combing your hair every morning. Just comb your hair gently with a wide-tooth comb, and your hair is quickly and effortlessly smooth.

Compared to curly hairstyles, straight hair has a much lower rate of tangling and breakage. Therefore, you can rest assured when using straight hair extensions for yourself.

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All of our extensions are chemical-free, including the 24 Inches Flattip Straight Ombre 2c 16c. After purchasing hair from healthy women, the experts sorted, cleaned, and synthesized the products.

All parasites and dirt on the hair and weak, split ends have been removed. Only strands of sufficient diameter remain in the hair bundle, with a healthy cuticle and high pigment content.

Since we don’t use chemicals when finishing our products, the hair extensions you receive with your purchase are entirely natural.

Our extension curls are from light blonde or light brown to dark brown and black. There will be a color transition on hair from the area near the hairline to the tip.

This hair color allows the extension hair to blend effortlessly with your natural hair. They will help increase the length and length of your existing hair, while others may not notice the change.


Our 24 Inches Flattip Straight Ombre 2c 16c allows you to style it to your liking. With hair lengths ranging from 6 to 32 inches, you can own long straight hair, curly hair, or short personality hair.

If you love curly hair patterns like silky straight waves, deep waves, body waves, or regular waves, then the extended hair options are for you. You should choose curls from 18 to 32 inches to have soft, bouncy hair, bringing the most gentle beauty.

Plus, if you do not like the available color of the product, you can bleach or dye your hair as you want. The strength and natural properties of the hair help ensure durability, whether it has undergone rigorous styling or heat treatment.

Supply Ability  

Feel free to contact the store directly for advice and order support for stores that want to buy back our hair extensions in large quantities. We accept supplies from 1000 to 2000 Kg for one month to ensure the best possible product quality.

For retail customers, the minimum condition for us to confirm your order successfully is that you have to order a minimum of 200 grams of hair. It is the equivalent of 2 bundles by the store’s default, each weighing 100 grams.

I recommend you consult a professional before you want to buy hair extensions. Professional hairstylists will advise you on the hairstyle you should have and the amount of hair you need to buy.


We will send 24 Inches Flattip Straight Ombre 2c 16c Hair Extensions to you in sturdy parcels. Our packages will reach you through reputable shipping units such as DHL, UPS, EMS, or Fedex.

You can rest assured because these are famous shipping units. They have fast delivery, a low confusion rate, and do not damage goods in transit.

After receiving the order, please carefully check the item type and quantity per your requirement. If there is an error, contact us to receive timely support.

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Which vitamins are best for hair?

Your hair needs a lot of different nutrients to stay healthy. Oil-based products that provide vitamin A will give you long, shiny hair. In addition, the B vitamins, vitamins E and C are also nutrients that help keep your hair healthy.

Can I treat my hair extensions with a curling iron at home?

Maybe. However, you should pay attention to adjusting the temperature not too high to avoid causing damage to the hair.


Ivirgo Hair Factory’s 24 Inches Flattip Straight Ombre 2c 16c product promises to give you the beautiful and robust young hair you desire. Guaranteed quality, versatility, and ease of use have made this extension one of our best sellers.

Follow and visit our store to receive information about many beautiful hair extensions available today. We are proud to be a reputable hair extension supplier, able to bring high-quality products.

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